What is so fair about the Fairness Doctrine?

Maybe some our our Democratic readers can explain to me what is so fair about the Doctrine?

I took the time to read The Fairness Doctrine- How We Lost it, and Why We Need it Back and found it to be an interesting, although extremely slanted view on the topic.

The heart of the arguement in favor of the fairness doctrine can be found in the following passage:

The necessity for the Fairness Doctrine, according to proponents, arises from the fact that there are many fewer broadcast licenses than people who would like to have them. Unlike publishing, where the tools of the trade are in more or less endless supply, broadcasting licenses are limited by the finite number of available frequencies. Thus, as trustees of a scarce public resource, licensees accept certain public interest obligations in exchange for the exclusive use of limited public airwaves. One such obligation was the Fairness Doctrine, which was meant to ensure that a variety of views, beyond those of the licensees and those they favored, were heard on the airwaves.