Why Values Matter- Republican appointed justices approve gay marriage

While Republican candidates and organizations send out a flurry of press releases and statements decrying last week’s California Supreme Court decision, few in the GOP have discussed the fact that three of the four judges who voted to legalize same-sex marriage were appointed by Republicans. Joyce Kennard (Deukmeijan), Kathryn Mickle (Wilson) and Chief Justice Ronald George (Wilson) joined Carlos Moreno (Davis), the only Democrat on the Supreme Court in legalizing same-sex marriage.

If there was ever an argument for supporting Real Republican candidates, it is the travesty that has been hoisted upon the voters of California by these liberal Republican Supreme Court justices. Take for example Chief Justice Ronald George. He was appointed to the Court in 1991 by Gov. Pete Wilson and has too often been on the wrong side of Republican values in his rulings.

In 1996 he and Justice Mickle were in the minority of a 4-3 decision that upheld a law requiring minors to obtain their parent’s consent before getting an abortion. A year later, Justice George would be a part of the 4-3 majority who, in an unprecedented move voted to overturn their own ruling.

It is also worth noting that the key to this reversal was the fact that Justice Armand Arabian, who voted to protect parents’ rights retired not long after the first decision. Unfortunately, he was then replaced by Justice Ming Chin, another Wilson appointee who would then vote to overturn the parental consent law passed by the legislature.

This just goes to show how schizophrenic our Republican controlled court can be when it comes to moral issues; one minute they are constitutional, the next minute they are not. Too many of their rulings have been textbook examples of liberal judicial activism. AND THESE ARE REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES!!!!

I would hate to see what the court would be like with a bunch of Democrat appoints. Of course, with Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Memo to Republicans: If we elect Real Republicans, we will get Real Justices and Real Justice!