Why You Should Vote for My Guy….

The CRP convention hall is packed with tables for candidates for statewide office.

I thought you might like to hear directly from the campaigns why you should vote for their candidates. Now some of you may take these videos as cracks against the candidates. They are not.

I was hoping to let grass roots folks tell you why they are supporting their candidates, but was shocked by how little they actually knew…or at least would share about the individuals they were helping to elect. The worst part is that these are supposed to be involved activists.

Whenever I put myself out there for someone, I at least make sure I know what they stand for. I want other people to know why they should vote for my guy; how his getting elected will make their lives better. I didn’t get that from these folks and left their tables wondering.

Please forgive my commentary…I couldn’t help myself . (Click Pics for Video)

Able Maldonado for State Controler

He’s in control!!!!

This guy actually works for Senator Maldonado; or at least he says he does. And the best reason he can come up with to vote for his boss is that “He has a desire to control spending?” Do yourself a favor my friend, pick up one of the brochures sitting in front of you and study it.

Keith Richman for State Treasurer

He can win!!!!

“Vote for me because I can win?” Heck, if everybody voted for me, I could win too. If this is the best that these folks can come up with, their candidate is in big trouble. This is the problem with the direction our party is going. We have become so obsessed with winning that we don’t care if a candidate is qualified or even shares our values.

Ray Haynes for State Board of Equalization

Ray’s in the House!!!!

Ok… maybe it isn’t fair that Ray Haynes was actually at the table. But hey… He was actually at the table!

Craig DeLuz

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