Will the Real Republicans Please Stand Up?

Sacramento Republican Activists Launch Effort to Support the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

(Sacramento) – Limited government, lower taxes and family values are just a few things that voters usually associate with the Republican Party. But recently, elected Republican officials have been actively taking positions against these bedrock Republican values and have supported efforts to increase minimum wage, driving up unemployment; proposed a tax increase on homeowners to pay for fire protection that they are already paying for; and fighting against an effort to protect the definition of marriage, as between a man and a women. Some say you can hardly tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days.

This has caused, a group of Republican Party activists in Sacramento to launch an effort to take back their Republican Party. Today, Support the Platform (STP) officially announced their slate of candidates for the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee, along with their plans to help Real Republicans get elected. “Our goal is to make sure that we elect Republican candidates to office who actually support Republican values”, declared Craig DeLuz, Chairman of STP. “Our values are outlined in our Republican Party platform. And if you want to represent Republicans in office, we believe you should support Republican principles.”

The Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee (SCRP) is the official arm of the Republican Party in Sacramento County. Thirty-one of the Committee’s 44 members are elected by Republican voters in Sacramento County and run by Supervisorial District. The other 13 are positions held by Republican elected officials or party nominees for various partisan offices. “For too long we have allowed our Party to be controlled by people who are hostile to what we as Republicans stand for,” exclaimed Mali Currington, a candidate for the Ninth Assembly District in Sacramento, “I for one am glad to see Real Republicans standing up to be counted.”

STP’s efforts will start with the upcoming June primary where efforts are under way to elect their slate of candidates to the GOP Central Committee. Additionally, they are asking other Republican candidates to sign the “STP Pledge” declaring their commitment to support Republican values as outlined in the California Republican Party Platform. They also have launched a website SupportThePlatform.org to provide readers with up to date news and information on Republicans running for office in Sacramento County and where they stand on the issues important to Republican voters.

According to DeLuz, “We will be on the radio, on the web and in Republicans’ mailboxes letting them know there are still Republicans out there who believe in the values that make this Nation great.”