Worldnet Daily is reporting:

Amid a grass-roots campaign organized by a traditional-family lobby group, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer backed off yesterday on his opinion that public schools cannot inform parents if their children leave campus to receive certain confidential medical services that include abortion, AIDS treatment and psychological analysis.

I doubt that Mr. Lockyer has truly seen the light and decided to give parents the benefit of the doubt. More likely, political uncommon sense took over (Thanks to a little nudging from parents rights groups). Why can’t liberal politicians seem to get the idea that no parent wants to have his or her authority usurped by the government.

Here’s a bit of Irony:

Did you know that your 12year old daughter can’t go to a tanning salon, even with your permission? (Assembly Bill 2193) But according to Bill Lockyer, this same child can leave school for an abortion without you even knowing about it?

Did I miss something here?

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