Governor’s “Compromise Budget” has no legislative support

Tomorrow, the California Assembly will be voting on Governor Schwarzenegger’s “Compromise Budget”. The interesting part is that there is no support on either side of the aisle in either house for his proposal.

As of the introduction of amendments today, the proposal did not even have a legislative author; thus making it the first ever piece of un-authored legislation ever to be introduced in the California Assembly.

And to add insult to injury, the Governor’s bi-partisan compromise may go down 79-0. That would be embarrassing for the administration.

In an attempt to win over some support, Schwarzenegger will be meeting with Assembly Republicans prior to tomorrow’s vote. But I would not expect much if I were him, since a similar meeting he held with the GOP Senators last week not only failed to produce any new support for his plan; but may have actually driven some Republicans to further distance themselves from the governor’s position.