I’m a ZERO Percenter!!!!

I guess it’s official now… I’m a Zero Percenter!

You see, I am a Mitt Romney Supporter. And while I don’t yet earn enough money to be considered a One Percenter, a new poll out has created this new political label for me.

According to a new NBC/WSJ Poll, Mitt Romney has zero percent of the Black vote in his corner. That makes me a “Zero Percenter”.

Now we will ignore the fact that only 100 of the 1000 voters polled were Black, making that sample (the number of Black voters) statistically insignificant. Why are we ignoring it? Because every liberal and Black (I know. It’s redundant) media outlet across the country is ignoring it.

The MSM is focused on the more flashy story…. NO BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN!

In their eyes this is a completely accurate statement. To them, Black Republicans really aren’t “Black” anyway. To them we are sell outs and Uncle Toms… not really Black. Thus, we don’t really count.

Well now we do! So, I am calling on all my fellow ZERO PERCENTERS to stand proud in your support of our next President!