Leader in the Tea Party Movement says Craig DeLuz has “The type of leadership we need”

On April 15th, rallies known as Tax Day Tea Parties were held across the nation to protest out of control government spending and higher taxes. Well during what was the nation’s largest Tea Party in Sacramento, California Mark Meckler who organized the Sacramento Tea Party and is a leader in the National Tea Party movement made it clear that he believes California needs leaders that are willing to stand up, even when it may be controversial, and that Craig DeLuz has that kind of potential.

“I’ve got to compliment Craig, because he was one of the few who came out and was willing to stand with us when nobody else was.” declared Meckler, “That’s the kind of leadership we need in this state.”

Mark went on to point out that Craig is “Somebody who recognizes an issue and isn’t afraid to step up and say something.” He went on to thank Craig for being with the Tea Party movement from the very beginning.

“I have always been committed to standing for what’s right, even if that means standing alone.” Says DeLuz, “And while Marks comments don’t constitute an actual endorsement of my candidacy, they truly mean a lot to me.”