Why did Prop 73 Lose?

I hate Monday morning quarterbacking. But in this case I felt it necessary to comment, because we came so close to victory. The truth is, Christian conservatives have only ourselves to blame for Proposition 73, the Parental Notification initiative for not passing.

Consider this fact which was part of a San Francisco Chronicle article published this morning:

Opponents raised more than $3 million and spent more than half of it on a television campaign in the state’s largest media markets that featured a 30-second spot in which an actress portraying a mother said: “Prop. 73 can’t force teenagers to talk to their parents.”

Supporters of Prop. 73 only contributed a little more than $1.2 million; of which, around $1million was donated by a handful of individuals and was spent qualifying the measure for the ballot.

Most of the more than $1.2 million that campaign supporters raised came from three contributors: James Holman, publisher of the weekly San Diego Reader and a string of Catholic newspapers; Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza; and Don Sebastiani, a Sonoma vintner and former state lawmaker.

This means that the abortion industry outspent us by more than 10-1.

If we are to be successful in taking back our society and civil government, this has got to change.

The enemies of family and moral values have made it clear that they are willing to invest heavily into the demoralization of society. They have let them take over popular culture through music, movies television and video games. We have allowed them to become entrenched at every level of public educational. And slowly, but surely we are handing over control of the civil government to the most immoral and evil forces America has ever seen. It is no one’s fault but our own.

Imagine if everyone of the 3 million plus voters for Prop. 73 gave one dollar to help pass in it’s passage? Even if just 10 % of those voters had given a mere $10 proponents of this initiative would have been able to match the abortion industry dollar for dollar…commercial for commercial.

In my commentary “Do you Support Prop. 73? ” I wrote:

If we, those who value parent’s rights, those who value the well being of our children, those of us who value life…If we do not step up step up to the plate and support this initiative, it will fail. And please understand, support is not a passive thing.

We truly support those people and causes to which we give of our resources. Our time, our talent and our treasury…These are our resources. And anyone can give. If you only can spare and hour or two of your time to make phone calls, knock on doors or stuff envelopes, that support means something. Even if you can only give $10, that is $10 more to help pass this initiative.

But if you have not given of your resources: your time, talent or treasury, then you are not a supporter of Prop 73. You’re a cheerleader… a well wisher… but not a supporter.

So did you truly support Prop. 73? Or were you just a Cheerleader?

Craig DeLuz

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