D.O.A. Diary of an Assasin Episode 1: Choices

(D.O.A.) is a look inside the mind of an elite assassin, Gideon. A killer with a strict moral code, Gideon serves as judge, jury and executioner. Craig DeLuz – Writer & Creator Ricky Borba – Director Linda Cano – Director of Photography Craig DeLuz & Ricky Borba – Editing Featuring: Brian Jagger – American Dream […]

Dark Truths: The Movie in 3D

Craig plays “Julio” a Dominican gangster in Dark Truths; an Urban Crime Thriller, micro-budget, feature length state of the art 3D film that was shot in Placer County during the month of February in 2011. They use used new ways and new equipment to make all this happen.

Conservative Hysteria Over Common Core is Unfounded

I am tired of all the hysteria over Common Core! I have been a conservative activist for almost 20 years. For 15 of those years I have been involved in education as a classroom teacher (5 years) and a school board member (almost 10 years). And our school district is in our second year of […]

Racist Face of The Liberal Left – Donald Sterling

Those on the left are always bragging about their open-mindedness and love of diversity. So, how could anyone on the left be racist? Well apparently the 2014 NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awardee did not get the memo. Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling was outed as a blatant racist as TMZ released tape recorded comments he […]

Is Obama The Most Anti-Christian President Ever?

I usually try to be pretty level headed in my criticism of  the left, the President in particular. )I know my friends on the left would disagree. But they tend to see any disagreement with them as extremism.) But when I read an article,  America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President  by Wall Builder’s David Barton, I […]